Got scammed?

Let me guess…
Did you click on a Facebook super duper promo ad for a great price?
Or maybe Instagram?
Or maybe a website that seems to sell items at super low prices?
Let me think of other cases…

Maybe you’ve got a message (SMS) and you replied?

Maybe you’ve downloaded a mobile app that tracks your new followers and lost ones?
Maybe you’ve logged in using your Facebook or Instagram to a mobile app that promises you to get daily followers?

Maybe… Somehow you gave your username or password or mobile number or credit card or I don’t know, there are so many combinations and so many scams and methods.
But I hope that you haven’t tried to earn money from your uncle in Indonesia or from a person in an accident who died and coincidentally has your surname or from the prince of Geroskipou?
It is possible to speak with the prince of Geroskipou but he is not going to scam you. But you need to ensure that you talk with him.

Don’t mind me when I go straight into the payment, I think you are here to find answers and act to prevent any future issues.

So, how did you pay?

Bank Transfer: There’s no way for someone to retrieve funds from your bank account if they only have your IBAN Number. But, it’s strongly recommended to contact your bank if you provided such details to a risky institution or person. If you’ve made a bank transfer, you should obviously contact your bank, explain what happened and ask for your funds back.
– Let’s apply our octuple-check method here; which means 8 times. 8 times within ~3 months which means: 3 months x 30 days = 90 days // 90/8 = 11.25 // Which means that you need to call them every 11 days.

Credit Card: Contact your bank to cancel your credit card. A replacement costs from 0 to 15 EUR (I think) so, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If your bank is not available at the moment, search for a national credit card issuer or a center to report the ‘lost’ card or even the police to guide you. In Cyprus, we’ve got JCC for canceling cards.
– Let’s apply the double-check method here as well.
Even if you call your bank or you somehow canceled your card, give them a call the next day to ensure that the card has been canceled.
We are people, after all, we do make mistakes. A double-check could help.

Credit Card Get your money back: There’s a service each Bank has but they don’t offer it as it takes too long for them and maybe many resources.
If you are a victim of a scam, you need to call your bank and let them know what happened. Then you need to ask them for getting your money back as one of the roles of the bank is to protect you. The difference that they would try to use is if you have given your card number with your permission or if your card was ‘accidentally’ used for an ‘unauthorized’ transaction. I think that in any case, the Bank should protect you. But I’m not a bank hero that I could change how banks work. So, our end goal is to ensure you don’t lose your money and if possible to retrieve what you’ve probably lost.
– Let’s apply the octuple-check method here as well.

PayPal: Most of the time it’s faster and easier to get your money back from PayPal but that’s not a guarantee. PayPal protects you but again, it’s not 100% guaranteed. So, my personal opinion is to use PayPal whenever is possible, and if you think you got scammed, login to PayPal from a computer and go to Resolution Center. Try to explain what happened in a brief message (nobody cares for the extra details), and if possible, call PayPal.
– Our double-check method could be applied here too.

Crypto: bye-bye – Unfortunately, there’s no way to get your coins back and nobody currently (June 1, 2021) supports that as far as I know.
But, if you got scammed, good luck to understand and also find a lawyer who understands how blockchain works, how crypto works, how crypto transfers work, explain what happened, how it happened, and find a way to prove that cryptos are digital assets and then find the person behind the crypto wallet, prove that the person owns the wallet and sue the person. I won’t do that. I think it would be a super waste of time in terms of getting your money back but it would be a good start to understand how blockchain and cryptos work.

Cash: It depends how you got scammed. If you gave your money to a person to buy some cameras in the street, you don’t expect them to give you a warranty or a certificate of authenticity or a certificate that the item is not stolen, right? But even if they give you such a thing, you don’t fully expect it to be genuine, right?
But if you just paid cash to a company to buy some items and you think you got scammed, you’ve got the right to report them to your police station where they would guide you on how to proceed.

You’ve subscribed to a mobile service: You need to call your service provider, like the company you pay to use their services for calls, texts (SMS), MMS, and data. Tell them what happened and ask them to cancel the subscription.
– Let’s apply the quadruple method here; within 1 month. But write down a note to check your invoice in the next 4 months. Maybe they charge you weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually. It’s a good practice to check what you pay on monthly basis.

In any case, I think communication is the key. Maybe too much communication, willingness, never-give-up, and patience sometimes 🙂