I’d like to start my own company [Pending]

So, you’ve got an idea of starting a company based on something that made up your mind, thinking you could sell products or provide services out there.

I’m always trying to write simple and efficiently.

You’ve probably heard of registering a Trademark instead of forming a company.
It’s better to search “trademark vs company“.
Simple terms: Trademark (™) is for registering a product or service.
I’m not sure if you could use a Trademark for selling multiple products or services but hey, we’re in Cyprus. Maybe you could take advantage of that or maybe someone is trying to rip you off.

What I understand over the years is that you’ll need documents proving that you’ve got a company, you’ve got a registered address for an office, documents proving that you own shares of the company and in some cases, you’ll need documents that come in the ‘package’ of registering a company.
P.S: Make sure that you’ve got the company documents in English as some companies or providers require the documents in English as they don’t understand Greek nor do they have Greek translators.

Of course, it’s strongly recommended to reach out to an Accountant and a Lawyer about your next step.
I’m just sharing my thoughts.